We offer various free mental health educational programming for the Chinese immigrants

Chinese-American Sunshine House (CSH) is signing up students for our Fall 2018 Workshop Series which include mental health workshops, parenting classes and English classes. They are either 8 or 10 weeks and will meet weekly on Wednesdays or Thursdays . All classes are FREE to attend.

We are enrolling Chinese-speaking immigrants to

1) Join our 10 sessions of Mental Health Weekly Classes who want to learn from licensed mental health professionals about how to increase their mental health education and well-being.

2) Join our 8 Weekly Parenting Classes who want to increase their parenting knowledge and learn how to use effective communication skills to build a positive relationship with their children.

3) Join our 10 Weekly We Are New York Classes who want to increase their conversational English skills while learning about NYC services.

You are welcome to sign up for all three classes. Mental Health and Parenting Classes are held in Mandarin Chinese language only. Certificates are provided for participates who complete English and Parenting classes.

For more information or register, please contact us at 917-969-7018 or send us an e-mail to

We also have a fee-based Alternative to Incarceration program which includes Domestic Violence Batterer Intervention Program, Anger Management Program and Parenting Classes. We receive referrals from the Administration of Children Services, Kings County Criminal Court, and other legal providers to provide court-mandated programs for their clients.