Mental Health Press Conferences

It is not uncommon to have several occurrences of suicides and homicides in an area such as Sunset Park’s highly populated Chinatown of recent immigrants and low-income families. Such occurrences can instill confusion, shock, or fear to residents living nearby.

The mental health conference is organized to bring psychological understanding to the residents and gives suggestions to how the neighbors should view and help the victims and their families. In the past, we have organized press conferences with Chinese television media, local and national newspaper reporters to talk about how the community can help to decrease the incidents of teenage runaways, teenage suicides, elderly abuse, immigrant suicides and homicides, mentally-ill patients not seeking treatment, as well as offer professional suggestions on how to raise better mental health thinking in the community. Contents of our press conferences have been released and published in Sinovision, China Press, Sing Tao, and World Journal.