Parenting Classes

New Schedule for our Parenting and Mental Health Class is out.

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CSH is offering 8 weeks of FREE parenting classes. These classes are open to the PUBLIC to provide information on positive parent-child relationships. The parenting classes strives to help as many parents gain the education they need to improve their relationships and communications skills with their kids regardless of their age. This is a great opportunity for parents to drop in just for one hour a week to absorb information on how to become a better parent. As a group, parents will learn together and be able to share their troubles and concerns on raising their kids.

Come and learn about the following topics

1. Corporal Punishment and Parenting

2. Parenting Skills

3. Teaching Children and Regulating Emotions

4. Teaching and Rewarding Kids for Self-Discipline

5. How to Raise Teens in the United States

6. How to Improve Parent-Children Communication

7. An Age by Age Guideline to teach Your Kids

8. Understanding Your Child’s Inappropriate Behavior and How to Set up a Loving Home

Call 917-969-7018 to sign up or just come in to fill out the registration form on the day of class.



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