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Established in 2011, Chinese American Sunshine House is a non-profit organization that provides a culturally-sensitive environment for the Brooklyn Chinese community by empowering those battling with mental illness through their personal recovery and educating the community about mental health. Its mission is to provide an environment which promotes education of mental illness to combat stigmas and to improve accessibility to available treatment. The focus of the organization is placed on normalizing the emotional state of clients and families, while providing education through workshops and trainings, and linkages to additional resources within the borough of Brooklyn.


New Event!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Child/Adolescent Depression Prevention Workshop

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We provide FREE on-site educational workshop programs for Chinese immigrant families to learn how to adapt to the new culture in the United States.

Chinese-American Sunshine House (CSH) is currently signing up students for our Fall 2018 Workshop Series which include mental health workshops, parenting classes and English classes . They are either 8 or 10 weeks and will meet weekly on Wednesdays or Thursdays . All classes are FREE to attend.

We are enrolling Chinese-speaking immigrants to

1) Join our 10 sessions of Mental Health Weekly Classes who want to learn from licensed mental health professionals about how to increase their mental health education and well-being.

2) Join our 8 Weekly Parenting Classes who want to increase their parenting knowledge and learn how to use effective communication skills to build a positive relationship with their children. You are also welcome to drop into one of our current parenting classes which run three times per year during the Spring, Summer and Fall time.

3) Join our 10 Weekly We Are New York Classes who want to increase their conversational English skills while learning about NYC services.

You are welcome to sign up for all three classes. Mental Health and Parenting Classes are held in Mandarin Chinese language only. Certificates are provided for participates who complete English and Parenting classes.

Our Alternative to Incarceration educational group programs includes Batterer Intervention Program, Anger Management and Parenting Class Series. Read our Q&A to make a referral.

All of these classes are held in Mandarin Chinese. Call 917-969-7018 or e-mail Winnie Hu at winniehu@chinesesunshinehouse.org for more information.

We also provide FREE workshops for groups at senior centers, public schools, and non-profit organizations. If you would like one of our experienced mental health speakers to run a workshop at your facility, give us a call with a topic in mind.

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