Parenting Skills Workshops

The Parenting Workshops incorporate the elements of education, prevention, and early intervention on family issues in the Chinese immigrant household to ensure the safety and wellbeing of children. Our culturally competent curriculum is created to change parents’ attitudes toward violence and abusive behaviors by applying a positive parenting approach. It addresses the problems of acculturation, teaches effective child-parent communication skills and children’s emotional development. We emphasize the importance of a positive family relationship in building healthy child development. Homework will be assigned followed by a Powerpoint presentation to promote an interactive learning experience.

We will create promotional materials and connect through email to inform agencies about the updated class schedules including the Criminal Courts, the Administration for Children Services (ACS), the Center for Family Representation (CFR), the Legal Aid Society, the Brooklyn Defenders Services (BDS), Chinatown YMCA, and local schools. With our current participants, we utilize social media, group chats, and phones to spread workshop information.

2022 Winter Series Parenting Skill Workshop From 12/06/2022--0124/2022, every Tuesday 2pm-3pm via ZOOM.

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